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2021 Program

27 September 2021
Future of Communication Conference
There is a constant pressure on the telecom / datacom industry to improve performance, offer new services / make infrastructure scalable and more secure and many other topics. Read more.
28 September 2021
optical wireless communication conferenceOptical Wireless Communication Conference
Communication from ultra short to ultra long range. The conference focuses on leading edge research on Optical Wireless Communication in its different forms and gathers experts from academia and industry. Read more.
29 September 2021
Photonic Integration ConferencePhotonic Integration Conference
The System architect’s view on Photonic Integration Circuits (PICs). This conference explains that the PIC is part of a system. What is required to create great products. Learn how System Architects reach this. Read more.
30 September 2021
vertical farming conferenceVertical Farming Conference
Vertical farming is an innovative methodology for vertical cultivation of agricultural products in a small footprint, which can also realize true zero-mile city food supply. Read more.
1 October 2021
smart farmingSmart Farming Conference
Smart Farming / Precision agriculture has now reached a point where it is not only possible to collect vast quantities of data but also to control different pieces of equipment and more. Read more.
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Jakajima and Mikrocentrum join forces to organise the Photonics Applications Week
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The week where application professionals are in the lead

Photonics  – the science of light – is shaping 21st century innovations in virtually all industries. The Photonics Application Week (PHAPPS Week) is geared towards the business professional who wants to know more about the practical applications of photonics in his or her industry.

Phapps week is all about practice and applications. During the workshops, exhibitions, lectures, networking events, debates and hackathons you get first-hand experience and insight into how the fast growing field of photonics can benefit your business and industry.

As often with a new technology the focus is on the technology and what it can do, Technology Push. Many times the related industry is inwards looking, which is important for the required gain in performance and quality of the technology. But at a certain moment the industry needs to turn to the enduser and needs to ask what they need, Market Pull. But that is not easy!
The state of photonics technology is right now at this turning point.
Now it is therefore important that the enduser (the application areas / verticals) learn about Photonics and more importantly tell the photonics industry what they need.
The PHAPPS Week is the week where this matchmaking takes place and where the verticals invite the photonic industry.

To share knowledge and insights in the business and technology, do business and create collaborations. So it should NOT be a get together from all people from within the Photonics Industry! Not just conferences, but workshops, demos, tours and hackathons as well. Market pull versus technology push.

It is obvious that the level of knowledge on photonics amongst the professionals within the verticals varies enormously. The same counts for photonics professionals. So both sides have to be educated.
Therefore it is important to have several type of events which can cover one or more of the following items.

For the Verticals professionals For the Photonics professionals
  • What is photonics: “Photonics for Outsiders”
  • What is the actual status of photonics for and in my vertical
  • What would I want to be solved?
  • How to learn the photonics professional to understand my vertical / industry
  • How to develop / create together new products for my vertical
  • Can we develop a product roadmap for short – long term
  • Next steps
  • How can Europe (H2020) / investors support us
  • How does the vertical operate or in other words understanding that industry: “Vertical for Outsiders”
  • What is the actual status of photonics for and in this vertical
  • How to understand what the vertical wants to be solved
  • How to develop / create together new products for the vertical
  • Can we develop a product roadmap for short – long term
  • Next steps
  • How can Europe (H2020) / investors support us

Find more about the PHAPPS Week areas:

It goes without saying that photonics, being the science of light, is also spearheading innovations in the lighting industry. One example is the LED technology revolution. LEDs are quickly becoming the dominant lighting technology worldwide, consuming 20-50% less energy than other light sources.
Photonics is becoming a major player in the Agrifood industry. With its advanced optical sensing methods photonics can help farmers to determine the protein levels in wheat harvests, screen for contaminants in their planted fruits and vegetables and observe water quality to measure the health of fish stocks, to name a few examples.
More bandwidth, higher speeds and lower energy costs. Data traffic is growing at alarming rates and expected to double in size in the next three years. In the foreseeable future the current silicon chip based internet infrastructure will be unable to cope with the ever-increasing demand for bandwidth.
Industry 4.0 – also called the smart factory or the industrial internet – is seen as the next innovation phase in manufacturing. Combining data connectivity, sensor technology, speed and artificial intelligence, Industry 4.0’s mission is to create smart, highly efficient factories where autonomous machines will do almost all of the work. Yet Industry 4.0 would be nowhere without photonics.
High-precision sensing devices. The military relies heavily on the optical spectrum for sensing, mapping and identifying enemy intent over large distances. Photonics can provide the military with higher quality sensing and communications devices.
Biophotonics is a new and fast growing discipline in the health care and life sciences industry. Biophotonics studies the interaction between light and human tissue. Using multiband photonic and spectroscopic methods it is able to analyze cells and tissues by the way these living structures absorb, reflect and scatter light. This can be used to diagnose and treat diseases ranging from cancer to strokes and Alzheimer’s.
Photonics is a key enabler of the Internet of Things (IoT). For its implementation the IoT relies heavily on sensor technology. Sensors need to be small, robust and energy efficient to be embedded in machines, appliances, buildings and infrastructure and succesfully collect data over large periods of time.
Photonics for your business: System Integration, Integrated Photonics & Human Resources. Knowing what photonics can do for your business is the first step. The next step is how to implement that knowledge into practical solutions for your industry.

Network with photonics experts and business peers to learn how your company can stay ahead of the innovation curve. Exchange your market demand with professionals from the photonics industry and see how they can help you, instead of the other way around.


Host your own event

Join forces with Photonics Applications Week and get access to global professionals both from the applications verticals (such as Health Care | IoT & Autonomous Systems | IT & Telecom | Agri & Food | Manufacturing & Industry 4.0 | Military | Consumer Electronics & Lighting) and from the Photonics industry.

  • Make use of the global marketing for this week, as your event is part of our international marketing campaign
  • Profit from high-level visitor overflow from other events, taking place during PHAPPS Week.

Type of event you can host
You are free to organise an event under the PHAPPS Week Umbrella, but you have to submit your event for evaluation. You can think for instance about the following type of events:

  • workshop
  • conference
  • hackathon
  • factory tour / application demo
  • matchmaking meeting
  • expo
  • technical meeting
  • photonics for dummie session
  • other

Selection criteria
With the conviction that industries are constantly looking to solve problems for their customers / to improve their performance / to reduce costs /  to become more sustainable one one hand and that the photonics industry can support/solve these goals on the other hand, the selection committee examines all the submissions based on the following criteria:

  • The submission is related to one of the application fields and/or photonics related.
  • The submission is innovative and/or contributes to existing ideas and helps the industry (either from one of the application areas or from the photonics industry).
  • The submission is well-considered and thought out and ready for presentation.

The selection committee encourages submissions that originate from a cooperation between application areas, commerce, experts, photonics industry and /or knowledge institutes.

Costs of participation
Participants pay a contribution that depends on the event and the number of people (and/or events) that they register. This is exclusive of any other costs for the rental of locations and other production costs.

Locations (for events that do not take place online)
Participants who do not have a location of their own in which to hold their event will be offered an overview of guest locations after approval.

Deadlines for 2021 edition
01 November 2020
Open for submissions

16 August 2021, 23.59 hrs
Deadline for submissions

From 20 May 2021
Uploading text, images and information — important in connection with the incorporation in the public campaign, promotional channels and other publicity activities for PHAPPS Week

27 September – 1 October 2021
Photonics Applications Week

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