November 2023

optical wireless communication conferenceOptical Wireless Communication Conference
Communication from ultra short to ultra long range. The conference focuses on leading edge research on Optical Wireless Communication in its different forms and gathers experts from academia and industry. More information and registration.

The program for 2023 is under development. If you want to organise an event / workshop / conference / meeting / hackathon during the upcoming Photonics Applications Week, have a look at this webpage.

Type of event you can host
You are free to organise an event under the PHAPPS Week Umbrella, but you have to submit your event for evaluation. You can think for instance about the following type of events:

  • Workshop
  • Conference
  • Product Launch
  • Factory Tour
  • Application demo
  • Hackathon
  • Matchmaking Session
  • Masterclass
  • Association Event / Membership event
  • Expo
  • Technical meeting
  • Other

Committing to the Photonics Applications Week ensures the organizer of a wide reach with a positive message: “I stand behind the idea of joining forces, of bringing together ecosystems to contribute to a healthy global economy”.

The Photonics Applications Week will be a major international week with many ecosystem events.. As the program is specifically aimed at attracting other organisers as well, the outreach and visibility will be exponential in comparison with the individual organisations.

The week is an initiative of Jakajima.