Photonics for your business

Photonics for your business: System Integration, Integrated Photonics & Human Resources

Knowing what photonics can do for your business is the first step. The next step is how to implement that knowledge into practical solutions for your industry.

To address these questions PHAPPS Week invites both businesses and photonics experts to host events and workshops about system integration, photonics integration and human resources.

System Integration: making technology work

A system integrator is the missing link between technology and its practical application. He or she ensures that all loose parts comprising a new technology are brought together into a single, integrated solution.

During PHAPPS Week both photonics system integrators and business professionals looking for a practical photonics solution get a chance to discuss their respective needs, opportunities, questions and answers.

Whether you are a health care professional wanting to know how light therapy can aid in the treatment of skin disease or a photonics expert seeking access to the Agri-Food world, feel free to host an event on system integration to discuss your questions or offer your solutions.

Integrated Photonics: the chips that make photonics happen

When the first electric circuits were integrated on a chip in the late 1970s, the field of electronics underwent an enormous boost. Photonics technology is now at roughly the same phase in its development. Photonics foundries are producing the first photonic microchips, integrating different functionalities of light onto one single chip surface.

This development of photonics microchips – called ‘Integrated Photonics’ – clears the way for many new applications, while at the same time saving costs and space. This will make photonics devices smaller and cheaper, while at the same time increasing their functionality.

PHAPPS Week invites business professionals to think about what Integrated Photonics will mean for their industry. If photonics chips make devices faster, smaller and cheaper, how will this help your line of business? Feel free to host an event and bring professionals together to discuss the new possibilities.

Human Resources in photonics: finding the right people

Photonics experts, whether technicians, business developers or consultants, are in high demand and often difficult to find. Also, different businesses require different personnel. When it comes to photonics a Defense contractor will have different HR needs than an IT company.

PHAPPS Week invites both human resource professionals and business professionals to host an event around the challenge of finding the right people to help you with your photonics needs.

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