Novel tiny vision processing chip, promising for ultrasmall smart vision systems & IoT Apps

Novel tiny vision processing chip, promising for ultrasmall smart vision systems & IoT Apps

Scientists have developed a microchip that can capture visual details from video frames using extremely low levels of power. According to the research team, the chip’s video feature extractor uses 20 times less power than existing best-in-class chips. The new microchip, called EQSCALE, could reduce the size of smart vision systems down to the millimeter range. Continue reading “Novel tiny vision processing chip, promising for ultrasmall smart vision systems & IoT Apps”

How to ‘feel pain’ in materials

Composites: much used, but hard to understand

Composites are extremely strong and light materials because they are a combination of polymers, and glass or carbon fibers (which give the material greater strength). Composites are used in a whole range of applications: in aircraft (for example in the mechanics of the wing flaps and in fact in 40% of all of the aircraft’s components), as the base material for carbon-framed bikes, in Formula 1 racing cars (about 85% of a Formula I car is made from composite material), for the blades on wind turbines, in pressure vessels for storing gas, in prostheses, boats, electric cars – and so much more. Space flight is starting to show a growing interest in composites, too. Continue reading “How to ‘feel pain’ in materials”

Kick-off meeting Photonics Applications Week April 24 report, next meeting June 14

On April 24, 2018, the Photonics Applications Week kick-off meeting took place at TU/e Eindhoven. The next meeting will take place on June 14 at the same location REGISTER HERE

Participants from the end-user industry and photonics business, as well as from research and governmental institutions gathered to discuss the framework and the activities that will be organised during the PHAPPS Week this autumn. Here you can download what was discussed during the meeting. Continue reading “Kick-off meeting Photonics Applications Week April 24 report, next meeting June 14”

Invitation for Kick-off meeting Photonics Applications Week, April 24 2018

During the first week of October, Photonics Applications Week (PHAPPS Week) will take place in the Netherlands. Solely focused on Applications of Photonics and what it can bring to your industry / business, with visitors from home and abroad. In many locations, PHAPPS facilitates conferences, workshops, exhibitions, lectures, networking events, debates, hackathons and festivities.

PHAPPS is different from any other Photonics Event, because it concentrates on the applications and their impact on your business. Moreover it brings together professionals from several verticals like Health Care, Agrifood, Industry 4.0, Military, Consumer Electronics and many more to exchange their respective market demand with professionals from the photonics industry, instead of the other way around!

Four partners (Eindhoven University of Technology, High Tech Campus Eindhoven, Jakajima and Photon Delta) have taken the initiative to organise this unique week where Applications play the leading role.

But we need you to organise a conference, workshop, exhibition, lecture, networking event, debate, hackathon or any other festivity around the application field.

The kick-off meeting is the official start and invitation to participate at the same time.

The agenda is as follows:

  • Opening
  • Background idea week (why/what/how)
  • Invitation for organisers
  • Presentation of known planned events
  • Communication activities
  • Whatever comes on the table
  • Next meeting
  • Drinks

When   : April 24 2018, 16:00 – 18:00 (Door open from 15:30 onwards)
Where  : Eindhoven University of Technology, TU/e Innovation Lab, Building: MultiMediaPaviljoen (MMP 74), Room: 3, Horsten 1, 5612 AX  Eindhoven, the Netherlands

You can register your attendance via this link:

We look forward to seeing you on April 24.

The initiating team:

  • Pieter Hermans, spokesperson (Jakajima)
  • Anna Nikiel (PhotonDelta)
  • Hilde de Vocht (High Tech Campus Eindhoven)
  • Bert Jan Woertman (Eindhoven University of Technology)

Feel free to contact us via this link.

How to get at the MultiMedia Paviljoen at TU/e Campus:

Social media

Unlike other photonics events PHAPPS Week is all about practice, not theory. During the workshops, exhibitions, lectures, networking events, debates and hackathons you get first-hand experience and insight into how the fast growing field of photonics can benefit your business and industry.

In order to service a wide variety of contacts, the Photonics Application week uses its social media channels to cover news and other topics:

We will use our social media regularly, next to newsletters.

If you host an event during PHAPPS Week, you can use our social media as well. We can support you with logo’s, articles, posts and more.

If you want to contact us directly use this form.



Philips succeeds in mass producing advanced VCSEL lasers

VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser) is an innovative laser technology that drives high speed data transmissions, 3D recognition, optical sensors and digital industrial thermal processes, while significantly reducing the size of sensors and energy consumption in data centers and thermal industrial processes. Philips Photonics has succeeded in mass producing VCSELs, making the technology widely available for the first time. Continue reading “Philips succeeds in mass producing advanced VCSEL lasers”