ACTPHAST is Partner of the Photonics Applications Week 2021

ACTPHAST is a unique one-stop-shop open access full supply chain for supporting your photonics innovation. Photonics, the science of light and light technology, is literally everywhere from smartphone displays, to energy-saving lighting, camera design, and optical sensors.

ACTPHAST projects

The access to top-level experts and leading photonics technology platforms provided by the ACTPHAST consortium is realized through focused innovation projects executed in relatively short timeframes (typically 6-9 months) with a critical mass of suitably qualified companies with high potential product concepts. The technical innovation support is supplemented by expert business and financial coaching supports to help ensure that the innovation activities are also commercially focused and primed for market success. ACTPHAST is closely aligned with the Photonics Pilot Lines and Mass Manufacturing in Europe to seamlessly progress successful prototypes developed through the ACTPHAST incubator all the way to large-scale production and market-ready products.

In addition, ACTPHAST includes Europe Unlimited  in the consortium who run the highly successful TechTour program around Europe each year to match venture capital with high potential start-ups and scale-ups in key technology areas. Together with this partner and in closely collaboration with Photonics21 and the Photonics PPP, ACTPHAST will deliver the European Photonics Venture Forum (EPVF) once a year at key locations around Europe to help boost the level of new financial investment sources for photonics innovation by European companies.

As a result of its innovation support activities, ACTPHAST is expected to deliver a substantial increase in the revenues and employment numbers of the supported companies by enabling faster time-to-market of new product opportunities and addressing emerging markets where photonics is a key enabling technology.  To the supported researchers ACTPHAST is expected to leverage their breakthroughs to a higher technology readiness level making use of mature photonics technology and to a higher investment readiness lesson by business coaching.  Furthermore, through its extensive outreach activities, ACTPHAST will ensure there is an increased level of awareness and understanding across European industries and European researchers of the technical and commercial potential of photonics, especially amongst first users and “non-photonics” end users.

Application domains
Discover how photonics is a key-enabler for innovation in different domains

Photonics – the science and technology of harnessing light – is everywhere around us now. Yet we are only at the beginning of what is possible. As one of the six pillar Key Enabling Technologies (KETs), photonics is essential to the functioning of the new applications which are powering Industry 4.0 and which are needed to address our major societal challenges. New advances in photonics will revolutionize so many industries and have far-reaching implications for business and society. Photonics technologies will be used to launch all sorts of new and better products in wide-ranging end-user industries from sustainable energy and environmental safety, to healthcare and wearables, to intelligent transport and communications systems, as well as being a key enabling technology for the transformation of production methods and new business models in European manufacturing.

Connected Mobility
Industry 4.0
Information & Communication
Smart Cities & Smart Living

ACTPHAST is partner of the Smart Farming Conference which will take place during the Photonics Applications Week 2021
Agrifood is considered as one of the key application domains of photonics technologies, in which photonics technologies push the development of precise sensors and measurement devices to monitor and certify the safety, quality, content and even the origin of food anytime and anywhere. More precisely, this includes, among others, the development of spectroscopy systems for food quality control, camera design for monitoring soil health and food quality, optical detection systems for liquid monitoring, LED and light systems, laser systems to engrave information on food packaging and corks, and laser-based sorting systems.

Interested to start your agrifood photonics innovation with photonics? Our unique network offers a single streamlined way to access 200 of the best experts and technologies from 24 of Europe’s leading photonics research institutes, covering the entire supply chain to accelerate new product development from concept to prototype, and beyond into mass manufacturing.

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