Taking a different approach to discussing healthcare and photonics.

Identifying projects from both academia and industry that are ready for quick implementation. Catharina Hospital Eindhoven and Technobis invite you to a FREE special online interactive discussion session Monday October 5th 2020, 19:30 – 21:30 Central European Summer Time (CEST), which takes place during the Photonics Application Week.

Background to our discussion
Photonics is a technology which is already widely adopted in the clinic – in fact much more than we often realize. It has proven its effectiveness in several monitoring, imaging and therapeutic devices, including pulse oximetry, optical coherence tomography, photodynamic therapy as well as kidney stone laser ablation. But with the current funding spotlight on treatment and testing, we believe there is an urgent need for a much closer examination of the clinical utility of emerging product prototypes.

So, our moderated conversation will be focused around the real needs of doctors, surgeons and clinicians who we are inviting to share their thoughts on October 5th. We believe they can help us validate the relevance of some of the latest breakthrough prototypes in photonics and THz waves.

By switching the focus of the discussion away from a “technology push”, we hope to identify projects from both academia and industry that are ready for quick implementation in hospitals and clinics. We hope our discussion could be useful for your daily work as well as helping to boost worthy projects to the next level.

19:15 – 19:30 Virtual Waiting room

19:30 – 19:40 Welcome and Opening

19:40 – 20:30. We will discuss the topic of Photonic based surgical instruments
The use of light (photonics) is well established in oximetry, OCT and endoscopy. But there are devices emerging with features like haptic feedback that assist surgeons in operating with a higher degree of success. We intend to examine the growing range of photonic based tools. After discussing their relevance, we also want to look at the fastest path for their implementation. We hope that groups representing patients will also accept our invitation.
(a more detailed list of contributors to the discussion will follow)

20:30 – 21:30: Using light for Skin interaction, both for treatment and prevention.
Innovative photonic methods are assisting in detecting infectious agents and antibiotic resistance and in better understanding the host response (e.g. in sepsis). In the triad of technology, application and production, laboratory and rapid tests are thus created for use in human and veterinary medicine and for food safety. We are hoping to involve representatives from the newly established InfectoGnostics Research Campus in Jena, Germany to explore more photonics method for treatment and prevention.
(a more detailed list of contributors to the discussion will follow)

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We look forward to your participation. More details will follow suit. In the meantime, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via Anna.Nikiel@technobis.com.

Kind regards,
Prof Eric Korsten, Eindhoven University of Technology
Dr Arthur Bouwman, Catharina Ziekenhuis Eindhoven
Dr Anna Nikiel, Technobis

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