Photonics Applications Week welcomes Douwe Kiestra, IFHE, as Advisory Board member for Health Care

Photonics Applications Week welcomes Douwe Kiestra, IFHE, as Advisory Board member for Health Care

About Douwe Kiestra
Study building engineering and economic.
President of the (IFHE), International Federation of Hospital Engineering.
Vice President of the Dutch (NVTG) “The Dutch Federation of Technical Facility Managers in Healthcare”
One of the 100 most influented people in Healthcare worldwide in 2017
Boardmember of the Ronald McDonald foundation Friesland
Member of several Branch Committees and Advisory Boards
Owner of a Consultancy company in Healthcare Building projects
More than 30-year experience working in the building and Healthcare industry.

About International Federation of Hospital Engineering (IFHE)
The International Federation of Hospital Engineering (IFHE) is a non-profit, non-governmental body established in 1970 to enable national engineering professional organizations to join in a world-wide federation.

The purpose of IFHE is to encourage and facilitate exchange of information and experience in the broad field of hospital and healthcare facility design, construction, engineering, commissioning, maintenance, and estate management.

About Kiestra DM Consultancy
Kiestra DM Consultancy, supports and supervises Management and Management teams in the CONSTRUCTION and CARE in choosing a new course and / or change management. Optimization, improvement processes and knowledge broadening of internal and external project teams. Management and project management of projects in the event of a shortage of sufficient knowledge and / or experience and / or with a short enough number of own personnel. In the event of illness or other circumstances supporting or temporarily filling management and management positions (possibly on an interim basis)

About Photonics Applications Week
Photonics Applications Week (PHAPPS Week) takes place during the week September 30 – October 5, 2018, in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. PHAPPS Week is an umbrella event, geared towards the business professional who wants to know more about the practical applications of photonics in his or her industry.

Unlike other photonics events PHAPPS Week is all about practice, not theory. During the workshops, exhibitions, lectures, networking events, debates and hackathons you get first-hand experience and insight into how the fast growing field of photonics can benefit your business and industry.

PHAPPS Week focuses on the following 8 areas:

Download here the PHAPPS Week information kit.