IP, Finance and Patent Law event

During the Photonics Applications Week (September 27 – October 1, 2021)  Brainport Techlaw will provide on the 29th of September from (14:00-17:00) an afternoon of interesting FREE lectures. Photonics Applications Week is an umbrella event, focused on real-life business applications, gathering a mix of specialists, enthusiasts and end-users from verticals and Photonics industry.

PHAPPS Week includes workshops, conferences, exhibitions, lectures, networking events, debates and hackathons organized by different companies and institutions involved in Photonics.

On this afternoon Brainport Techlaw will cover the following topics:  

  1. Investment and IP (structure) by Jonno van der Donk, Frank Rutgers and Evelyn Peerboom
  2. RvO and patents by Arie van de Krans
  3. Introduction of Technology Arbitration & Mediation Institute by a board member of TAMI
  4. Insights of the innovation box (fiscal point of view)

We will kick-off at 14:00 with an introduction of Brainport Techlaw by Richard Bijlard.

If you want to participate at this informative afternoon you can register here.

About Brainport TechLaw
Brainport TechLaw exists since 2013 and is a platform where technology and law come together, literally and figuratively speaking. Our goal is to combine, share and ensure specific knowledge in technology and law. This is achieved, among others, by connecting our members – entrepreneurs in (high)tech branches and specialist advisers (including accountants, lawyers, patent attorneys) – and by organizing thematic events.

We are also the initiator of an independent arbitration institute, specifically for technological disputes. We have been connecting Tech and Law since 2013

We stand for:
Increasing the connection between technology start-ups, small- and medium-sized companies, large companies, educational institutions and legal service providers
Supporting and guiding the Brainport region with knowledge about legislation, rules and procedures in the field of new technology
Establishing a connection between technology companies and qualified law parties in order familiarize parties with each other’s content.
Realizing interaction between technical and legal parties with as a result:

  • Legally documented technological processes
  • Protected intellectual property
  • Structurally less conflict potential

This event is one of the many events taking place during the Photonics Applications Week.

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