Agrifood Workshop

Agriculture & Food

Foodtech Brainport, ZLTO, BOM, REWIN, FME jointly run an innovation project where the Agrifood Industry and Photonics Industry will meet and discuss the specific smart automation needs from the Agrifood sector. 

During the Photonics Applications Week they will organize an expert event to structure the project on image acquisition and image processing. 

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BOM Development Agency is partner of Photonics Applications Week

Noord-Brabant Development Agency (BOM) is partner of the Photonics Applications Week.

About Noord-Brabant Development Agency (BOM)
The mission of the N.V. Noord-Brabant Development Agency is to create, improve, maintain and develop the industrial structure in Noord-Brabant by offering a range of professional services. The BOM was established in 1983 and is funded and financed by the Dutch State and the Province of Noord-Brabant. Noord-Brabant is a region in the south of the Netherlands. Continue reading “BOM Development Agency is partner of Photonics Applications Week”