Photonics Applications Week welcomes Helmond Marketing as Media Partner

Photonics Applications Week welcomes Helmond Marketing as Media Partner

About Helmond Marketing
Helmond Marketing is the citymarketing organisation of the city of Helmond. The second largest city in the Brainportregion with approximately 91.000 inhabitants. Helmond plays a keyrole in two regions: the Peel and Brainport.

The Automotive Campus in Helmond, right in the middle of the Brainport Region, is the national and international hotspot, meetingplace and a potential businesslocation for automotive business.

At Food Tech Brainport in Helmond, we help companies to turn technology into money: technology used in the processing of plant waste, the extension of shelf life, and the separation of raw materials and/or waste streams. By doing so, we bring the best in food and technology (from the High Tech and Chemical industries, for instance) together.

We are part of a region that is innovatie and ambitious. Our strength lies in coworking and cocreating with our partners in Helmond and region.

phapps weekAbout Photonics Applications Week
Photonics Applications Week (PHAPPS Week) takes place during the week September 30 – October 5, 2018, in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. PHAPPS Week is an umbrella event, geared towards the business professional who wants to know more about the practical applications of photonics in his or her industry.

PHAPPS Week is all about practice, not theory. During the workshops, exhibitions, lectures, networking events, debates and hackathons you get first-hand experience and insight into how the fast growing field of photonics can benefit your business and industry.

PHAPPS Week focuses on the following 8 areas: