BOM Development Agency is partner of Photonics Applications Week

Noord-Brabant Development Agency (BOM) is partner of the Photonics Applications Week.

About Noord-Brabant Development Agency (BOM)
The mission of the N.V. Noord-Brabant Development Agency is to create, improve, maintain and develop the industrial structure in Noord-Brabant by offering a range of professional services. The BOM was established in 1983 and is funded and financed by the Dutch State and the Province of Noord-Brabant. Noord-Brabant is a region in the south of the Netherlands.

The BOM offers four core activities:

The BOM Foreign Investment Department assists potential foreign investors in every field required, free of charge. The BOM organizes fact-finding trips, visits potential investors abroad and supports in site-selection and negotiations with national and local authorities.

The BOM Venture Capital Department finances innovative and financially healthy companies by providing equity capital and subordinated loans of up to 1,8 million Euros.

The BOM New Business Development department supports R&D programs and initiates and stimulates innovative industrial projects. Moreover, the BOM offers access to its network with the local, national and European business communities as well as with universities, research centers and financial institutions. Furthermore, the BOM provides financing for the above-mentioned projects as well as privately owned companies which need equity financing.

BOM Business parks focus on the development of the regions industrial estates. BOM is responsible for redeveloping 1,295 hectares which equate to around 25% of the region’s current industrial estates.

About Photonics Applications Week
Photonics Applications Week (PHAPPS Week) takes place during the week September 30 – October 5, 2018, in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. PHAPPS Week is an umbrella event, geared towards the business professional who wants to know more about the practical applications of photonics in his or her industry.

Unlike other photonics events PHAPPS Week is all about practice, not theory. During the workshops, exhibitions, lectures, networking events, debates and hackathons you get first-hand experience and insight into how the fast growing field of photonics can benefit your business and industry.

PHAPPS Week focuses on the following 8 areas:

Download here the PHAPPS Week information kit.