What is photonics and how is it used (VIDEO)?

Many people do not know / understand what Photonics is. Yeah, something with light, but that is about it!
Professor Tanya Monro, at the time Professor of Photonics (Physics) at the University of Adelaide (Australia), gives a crash course in photonics, the science of light in this video.

Starting with the basic physics of light, she then describes three important photonics revolutions:
1. The invention of the laser
2. The invention and use of optical fibres for telecommunications
3. Getting photons out of the fibre for sensing

She also shares her passion for crossing the boundaries of science; bringing together different science disciplines to tackle real world problems.

Photonics can be applied in Health Care | Internet of Thing & Autonomous Systems | IT & Telecom | Agri & Food | Manufacturing & Industry 4.0 | Military & Aerospace | Consumer Electronics & Lighting. We experience photonics regularly in our daile life, but most ot the time we are not aware of it.